Prices & subscription forms

Here are the rates for our most popular services. To get started, scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the PrimeCuts subscription form.

**Special bonus for new subscribers! All subscribers automatically get access to the last 3 months of releases FREE (applies to all PrimeCuts subscriptions)!**

  • PrimeCuts (one major weekly update, 52 weeks a year, along with daily updates for big releases. Includes over 50 songs a week.)
    • $40.00 a month (downloads only)
    • $45.00 a month (downloads & monthly shipment of discs)
    • $51.00 (downloads & weekly shipment of discs)

  • PrimeCuts Monthly (monthly updates, 18-20 songs a month, 1 disc shipped per month)
    • $132 a year (downloads only)
    • $150 a year (downloads & 1 disc a month)

  • PrimeCuts EZ Mix (monthly updates, 18 songs a month, 1 disc shipped per month)
    • $132 a year (downloads only)
    • $150 a year (downloads & 1 disc a month)

  • VidDisc DVD or MP4 service $30 month with a CD service (monthly shipping, 12 issues per year)

TM Studios' HitDiscĀ® PrimeCuts service is available only to radio stations, professional DJs, skating centers, bowling centers, nightclubs/bars, professional sports teams and other venues with ASCAP/BMI licensing. PrimeCuts is not available to the general public or for retail sale.


PrimeCuts Subscription Form

Sign-up or renew PrimeCuts or VidDisc subscriptions with this form. The easiest way to sign up is to complete the form using Acrobat (including digital signature at the bottom of both pages) and emailing back to us. You can also fax or mail back to us too.

Within 1 business day of getting your form back, we'll get your download access setup and will email you all the information needed to get started.


PrimeCuts Back Issue Form

If you are using your card on file and would like to order back issues you can just send us an email and we'll handle the rest. If you are not using your card on file, please complete the following form and submit it back to us.