PrimeCuts is the #1 service for music for mobile DJs. If you DJ wedding receptions, school dances, college events, bars/clubs, skating centers, or any other entertainment venue, PrimeCuts will give you all the hits you need--before you need them!

PrimeCuts was designed for busy DJs just like you who have better things to do than spending hours researching & acquiring all the latest music to keep current. PrimeCuts will save you time & money and deliver radio-edited versions of all the latest hits.

PrimeCuts Music

PrimeCuts subscriptions include over 60 new songs a week, covering over 25 genres of music, such as Top 40, Country, Smooth Jazz, UK Hits, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Dance, Latin, and much more. PrimeCuts includes every song & every genre of music we release to radio & DJs--it truly is the most comprehensive music service for DJs!

All subscribers automatically have access to download their releases from the PrimeCuts website. The PrimeCuts downloads system couldn't be easier to use. Most subscribers use our popular 1-click option to download the entire week of releases. Once it is downloaded, they can either choose to keep all tracks and put them on their DJ computer, or they can pick & choose which songs they keep. Depending on your internet speeds, you can be fully updated with your weekly music update in as little as 5-10 minutes! Imagine that--just 5-10 minutes a week to stay current with all the new releases!

All PrimeCuts subscribers also automatically receive FREE PrimeCuts Plus access, which is an invaluable resource. PrimeCuts+ has over 8000 downloadable elements, the most popular of which are instrumentals & acapellas. We have over 3000 instrumentals and over 1000 acapellas in PrimeCuts Plus!

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PrimeCuts MP3 files FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about PrimeCuts MP3 files:

  • How do I get my music?
    You'll login to the PrimeCuts website to download your music. You can download anything from the current week as well as the last 3 months. You can download an entire week's worth of releases (60+ songs) or you can download individual tracks.

  • What ID3 tags do you attach to the files?
    All files are tagged with song title, artist, year, genre and BPM.

  • What bitrate are the files?
    We offer 320kbps MP3 files. In addition, you can also download in FLAC format if you prefer lossless files.

  • What genres are on PrimeCuts MP3?
    PrimeCuts covers over 25 genres of music including: Adult Contemporary, Hot Adult Contemporary, CHR/Top 40 (Contemporary Hit Radio), Urban, Rock, Alternative, AAA (Adult Album Alternative), Country, UK Hits, Urban Adult Contemporary, Smooth Jazz, Dance, Christian, Banda, Ranchera, Mariachi, NorteƱa, Grupero, Duranguense, Cumbia, Tierra Caliente, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Bachata.

  • What are EZ Mix Edits and how do I get them?
    We create EZ Mix Edits by adding a 32 beat intro & outro to a song. We do that for 5-7 songs a week and put them in the EZ Mix folder included with every PrimeCuts MP3 release!

Client Testimonials

"As a long time subscriber to TM Century and all the way thru TM Studios - it just gets better. Thanks for staying ahead of the competition and keeping the hot product in our hands every week!"

Daniel Blevins
CSC Special Events & Creative Services
Cincinnati, OH