PrimeCuts Monthly

PrimeCuts Monthly

For DJs who only need just the absolute most popular songs, PrimeCuts Monthly features one CD a month that contains the best songs from PrimeCuts.

PrimeCuts Monthly includes only the most popular songs from Adult Contemporary, Top 40/CHR, Urban, Alternative, Country and Dance. Subscriptions to PrimeCuts Monthly are $150 a year and includes free access to PrimeCuts Plus.

Here are some answers to the most common questions about PrimeCuts Monthly:

Q. How is PrimeCuts Monthly programmed?
A. It includes songs that chart top 10 from Top Adult Contemporary, Top 40/CHR, Alternative, and Country. It also includes songs that are Top 5 in Urban as well as a couple popular Dance tracks per disc. AC, Top 40/CHR, Urban, Alternative & Country is programmed based on data from Mediabase radio airplay charts. The Dance cuts are selected based on various Dance charts.

Q. Where can I find release dates, data files and past inserts?
All of that information is available using SongSearch.

Q. What is the difference between PrimeCuts & PrimeCuts Monthly?

PrimeCuts was designed for DJs who need all the hits as fast as possible. For instance, DJs who provide their services to schools, colleges, skate centers, clubs, bars and other younger crowds usually prefer our PrimeCuts service. PrimeCuts Monthly is geared towards DJs who focus on weddings & other events where adults are the main group in attendance. We do have many wedding-only DJs who subscribe to our PrimeCuts service too--so it really depends on your individual needs.

PrimeCuts ships every week (52 issues a year) whereas PrimeCuts Monthly ships once a month (12 issues a year). As a result, songs that chart high enough will appear on PrimeCuts Monthly about 6-8 weeks after our weekly clients have them. Also, since the only songs we service are Top 5-10, you won't have anything further down the charts. So, if a song is Top 20, you won’t have it (whereas you would’ve with PrimeCuts Weekly). If you are ok with all of that and are ok with occasionally possibly needing to buy a new song because it hasn't been on PrimeCuts Monthly yet then it might be a good service for you.

Q. When is PrimeCuts Monthly posted for download?
PrimeCuts Monthly is posted by the 7th of every month.

Q. How many songs will be on PrimeCuts Monthly?
It will vary from month-to-month but we'll include as much as we can fit (about 18 to 20 songs a month). In addition, there are 15-20 EZ Mix Edits.

Q. Is anything else included?

A. Why yes…free access to PrimeCuts Plus!

If you have any other questions please contact your rep.

Client Testimonials

"As a long time subscriber to TM Century and all the way thru TM Studios - it just gets better. Thanks for staying ahead of the competition and keeping the hot product in our hands every week!"

Daniel Blevins
CSC Special Events & Creative Services
Cincinnati, OH