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PrimeCuts Latin

PrimeCuts Latin

PrimeCuts Latin contains the hottest new Latin music from 12 different formats.

Discs are shipped every other week and contains the following formats:

  1. Banda - Originated in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Traditionally, Banda music is characterized by marching rhythm, pounding drums and a big brassy sound.
  2. Ranchera - Ranchera usually features guitars and horns and is extremely popular throughout the Northern region of Mexico.
  3. Mariachi - Folkloric music originated in Mexico. It usually features acoustic guitars and horns.
  4. Norteña - This music is represented in Northern Mexico. It is similar to the Polka, but has a defined Mexican distinction. Norteña is very popular among Mexicans living in the United States. It most always features an accordion. It is also very similar to Country and Western music from Nashville. It has Mariachi overtones and is also base for most Ranchera music.
  5. Grupero - This music is distinguished by guitars, keyboards, and the occasional accordion, grupero represents the sensitive side of Regional Mexican music.
  6. Duranguense - Is named after the Mexican state of Durango, but was originated in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Duranguense is a stripped-down, electronic take on Banda characterized by its fast tempo and use of wind instruments.
  7. Cumbia - This form originated in Colombia and is popular in the Caribbean and South America. It has a compulsive backbeat and has recently become very popular in Mexico and Central America.
  8. Tierra Caliente - A term describing a cultural & geographical region in southern Mexico encompassing the states of Guerrero, Michoacan, and Mexico City. The music of Tierra Caliente is an expression of the calentana culture in these regions which is a melding of music, poetry, and dance. It's rhythm is often frantic and harmonic.
  9. Salsa - Its Latin beat is synonymous with a Caribbean /Cha-Cha type sound. Salsa combines Latin Caribbean rhythms with jazz and is contemporary and very danceable. Popular in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Colombia.
  10. Merengue -  A style of music that originates from the Dominican Republic. The main characteristic of Merengue is its upbeat rhythm and continuous 1-2-1-2 pulse. It is very danceable and appeals to a wide spectrum of the Latin Caribbean audience.
  11. Reggaeton - Reggaeton is a relatively new genre of dance music that has become popular in Puerto Rico over the last decade. The name is derived from the reggae music of Jamaica which influenced Reggaeton's dance beat. Reggaeton was also heavily influenced by other Puerto Rican music genres and by urban hip-hop music craze in the United States.
  12. Bachata - This genre originated in the Dominican Republic. It has a distinct flamenco style guitar strokes mixed with Spanish and African percussions. It evolved from Cuban son and boleros.

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