PrimeCuts Back Issue Sale

We're clearing off the shelves and are blowing these discs out at $5 each + shipping! To see what is on the available discs, check out our SongSearch tool. You can search by disc number, just as listed below. Remember the PrimeCuts Weekly MP3 discs (the HP discs) released after HP200932 include over 50 songs per disc, but our database only shows the top 20 songs released that week. So you'll get those 20 plus at least another 30 more songs per disc!

Ordering information
Current subscribers who want to use their credit card on file can just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the list of discs you want and we'll take care of the rest. If you aren't a current subscriber, please complete the back issue order form. There is a minimum of 20 discs per order.

HP200801 CD & MP3
HP200804 CD & MP3
HP200807 CD & MP3
HP200810 CD & MP3
HP200811 CD & MP3
HP200812 CD & MP3
HP200813 CD & MP3
HP200814 CD & MP3
HP200815 CD & MP3
HP200816 CD & MP3
HP200817 CD & MP3
HP200818 CD & MP3
HP200819 CD & MP3
HP200821 CD & MP3
HP200822 CD & MP3
HP200824 CD & MP3
HP200826 CD & MP3
HP200828 CD & MP3
HP200831 CD & MP3
HP200832 CD & MP3
HP200834 CD & MP3
HP200835 CD & MP3
HP200843 CD & MP3
HP200844 CD & MP3
HP200845 CD & MP3
HP200846 CD & MP3
HP200847 CD & MP3
HP200848 CD & MP3
HP200849 CD & MP3
HP200850 CD & MP3
HP200851 CD & MP3
PM0608 (June 2008) CD
PM0808 (August 2008) CD
PM0908 (September 2008) CD
PM1108 (November 2008) CD
HP200901 CD & MP3
HP200902 CD & MP3
HP200906 CD & MP3
HP200908 - HP200913 CD & MP3
HP200915 - HP200917 CD & MP3
HP200919 CD & MP3
HP200920 CD & MP3
HP200922 CD & MP3
HP200923 CD
HP200925 CD & MP3
HP200926 CD & MP3
HP200927 CD
HP200928 CD & MP3
HP200929 CD & MP3
HP200930 MP3
HP200932 CD
HP200933 CD
HP200934 CD
HP200935 CD
HP200936 CD
HP200938 CD
HP200940 CD
HP200941 CD
HP200942 CD & MP3
HP200946 CD & MP3
HP200948 - HP200950 CD & MP3
HP200952 CD & MP3
PM0609 (June 2009) CD
PM0709 (July 2009) CD
PM0809 (August 2009) CD & MP3
PM1009 (October 2009) CD
HP201001 CD
HP201002 CD
HP201004 CD & MP3
HP201005 CD
HP201006 CD
HP201007 CD
HP201008 CD & MP3
HP201009 CD
HP201010 CD
HP201011 CD
HP201012 CD
HP201013 CD
HP201014 CD
HP201015 CD
HP201016 CD
HP201017 CD & MP3
HP201018 CD & MP3
HP201019 CD & MP3
HP201020 CD & MP3
HP201021 CD & MP3
HP201022 CD & MP3
HP201024 CD & MP3
HP201026 CD & MP3
HP201028 CD & MP3
HP201029 CD & MP3
HP201030 CD & MP3
HP201031 CD & MP3
HP201033 CD & MP3
HP201034 CD & MP3
HP201035 CD & MP3
HP201037 CD & MP3
HP201038 CD & MP3
HP201039 CD & MP3
HP201041 CD & MP3
HP201042 MP3
HP201043 MP3
HP201044 MP3
HP201045 MP3
HP201047 MP3
HP201048 MP3
HP201049 CD & MP3
HP201050 CD & MP3
HP201051 CD & MP3
HP201052 CD & MP3
HP201104 CD
HP201105 CD
HP201114 CD & MP3
HP201115 CD & MP3
HP201117 CD
HP201118 CD & MP3
HP201119 CD & MP3
HP201122 CD
HP201124 CD & MP3
HP201125 CD & MP3
HP201126 CD & MP3
HP201129 CD & MP3
HP201130 CD & MP3
HP201131 CD & MP3
HP201132 CD & MP3
HP201133 CD & MP3
HP201135 CD & MP3
HP201136 CD & MP3
HP201138 CD & MP3
HP201139 CD & MP3
HP201141 CD & MP3
HP201142 CD & MP3
HP201143 CD & MP3
HP201151 CD & MP3
PM0611 (June 2011) CD & MP3
PM0711 (July 2011) CD & MP3
PM0811 (August 2011) CD & MP3
PM1011 (October 2011) MP3
PM1111 (November 2011) MP3

Client Testimonials

"As a long time subscriber to TM Century and all the way thru TM Studios - it just gets better. Thanks for staying ahead of the competition and keeping the hot product in our hands every week!"

Daniel Blevins
CSC Special Events & Creative Services
Cincinnati, OH